Let's Try this Again

Whelp. That was a long break. I wish I had some good excuse as to why I disappeared for six months, but really it comes own to the fact that I 'just didn't wanna.' I was exhausted, worn out, depressed (nothing crazy, but enough that I felt blasé, leading to being unproductive, which led to being more blasé). Basically, I did what I knew I was good at, which was willful failure.

I felt like life was kicking me in the pants, but really it was my own doing. We tend to be our own worst enemies, don't we? Self doubt breeds more self doubt with only one cure: confidence. So today I decided to give myself a little grace. I deserve it. We all do. Being afraid to step back into healthy and productive habits is not the way to deal with failure. I have ignored my problems for long enough so, for now at least, let's get back into it.

I am writing today, friends. Even if I only write a few words, I will succeed at this one thing. Just seems silly to let the hot summer day that compels me to stay indoors go to waste.

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